Minarah Multiconsulting Ltd is a Shari’ah oriented British company established to motivate the worldwide enhancement of the Islamic finance industry. Our plethora of international consultants brings a new approach to clients’ needs and expectations whereby their values, culture and religious ethos are carefully considered when providing solutions. Our multilingual professional team is an asset that helps us to better serve our clients in various jurisdictions.

We offer a wide spectrum of services related to Islamic Banking, Takaful and Islamic Capital Market. Our services include Shari’ah Advisory and Audit, Product Structuring and Legal and Financial Consultancy to our targeted clients including governments, corproates high net-work individuals and medium sized companies.

We also offer services to guide our clients in developing Islamic Corporate Social Responsibilities. With the rapid expansion of Islamic finance we have assumed a leading role to provide high quality executive training programs to assist our clients to participate in and drive forward the expansion of the Islamic finance industry.

“Sheikh Faizal Manjoo and his team at the Minarah MultiConsulting Ltd, have through their expertise and professionalism brought real added value in structuring our projects. This is a team which is a key player who wants to develop Takaful solutions combining performance and compliance “

Ezzedine Ghlamallah Director of SAAFI,France

“I have known the CEO of Minarah MultiConsulting, Mr Faizal Manjoo, for few years. He has displayed a sound  knowledge of the Islamic Finance industry and always acts with a high level of professionalism and integrity.”

Suhail Mohamed Shari’ah Fund Manager, STANLIB Asset Management, South Africa