Shariah advisory is important aspect of proactive  management  both at an ex-ante and ex-post phases developing your Islamic financial institutions or products. It is an ongoing exercise that is in line with major institutional management strategies. As the statement goes “prevention is better than cure”, to ensure there is shari’ah compliance, we direct during the initial phase, then we supervise you and we review to ensure consistency in your shari’ah policies.

Our shari’ah advisory services embrace the following areas:

  • Vetting the relevant legal documents  such as Memorandum and article of association to ensure there is no ultra vires issues pertaining to shariah
  • To provide updates on IFSB and AAIOIFI Standards
  • Assisting in product development
  • Shari’ah risk analysis
  • Drafting of Shari’ah Policies
  • Issuing Fatwas
  • Establishing  Shariah Governance Framework
  • Developing Shari’ah Marketing
  • Programming Shari’ah Corporate Social Responsibilities