about us
about us

Minarah Multiconsulting Ltd is a Shari'ah oriented British company established to motivate the worldwide enhancement of the Islamic and ethical finance industry

Our motto is

"Deliver what we promise"

Our plethora of international consultants brings a new approach to clients' needs and expectations whereby their values, culture and religious ethos are carefully considered when providing solutions.

The professional and multilingual team aims to deliver high quality level of services.

We offer a wide spectrum of services

We offer a wide spectrum of services related to Islamic Banking, ethical finance advisory, Takaful and Islamic Capital Market.

Our clients include governments, corporates, high net-worth individuals and medium sized companies.

Trough our service we guide our clients in developing Islamic Corporate Social Responsibilities.

We have recently extended our services in collaboration with well-established partners in other areas such as legal documentation and providing legal opinion, tax business strategy and regulation.

Our services include Shari'ah Advisory and Audit, Tax & Estate Advisory, Business Consulting, Legal & Regulatory and Product Structuring.

Our Tailor-made Training

Our company endeavours to enhance the industry by providing executive programmes as well as in-house tailored programmes for Islamic finance Institutions.

We have also developed a series of training programmes in Islamic pedagogy and Muslim family law. Some of our courses can be used as CPD.

Our executive training courses cover a wide spectrum of subjects:

    • product development
    • project management
    • Islamic commercial law
    • sukuk structuring
    • marketing
    • law of contract
    • regulation
    • Islamic banking
    • Islamic capital market
    • shariah marketing
    • Islamic insurance
    • shariah governance
    • shariah audit
  • We deliver our training in

    • English
    • French
    • Arabic
    • Urdu
Our consultancy works are focused in three main areas

Our consultancy works are focused in three main areas: Shariah & law, business related and training Shariah consulting. Regarding the shariah issues we provide a full-suit services from establishing shariah, boards, issuing shariah compliance and shariah review/audit certificates.

Business activities provide services relating to management, project management, both at managerial level, product development and tax related issues.

Our legal team provide a wide array of services in commercial law including contracts, torts, trust, financial crime. We have also the necessary expertise in estate planning and inheritance law.