This section provides Islamic finance stakeholders with the opportunity to purchase various books related to Islamic finance, please contact us to purchase the books.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
    Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
    ISBN: 967-10318-6-5
  • estate-planning
    Shariah Estate Planning
    ISBN: 978-967-0149-79-0
  • financial-planning
    Applications in Shariah Financial Planning
    ISBN: 978-967-0149-84-4
  • Islami-capital-markets
    Islamic Capital Markets – Principles and Practices
    ISBN: 978-967-349-652-5
  • islamic-finacial-system
    Islamic Financial System: Principles and Operations (2nd Edition)
    ISBN: 978-967-12220-1-0
  • islamic-legal-maxims
    Islamic Legal Maxims And Their Application In Islamic Finance
    ISBN: 967-10318-9-6
  • Mujam-Isra
    Mu'jam ISRA – ISRA Compendium | Arabic – English
    ISBN: 978-983-44169-5-9
  • report-2017
    Islamic Commercial Law Report 2017
  • shariah-audit
    Shariah Audit in Islamic Finance
    ISBN: 978-967-0149-74-5
  • shariah-governance
    Shariah Governance in Islamic Financial Institutions
    ISBN: 978-967-0149-85-1
  • shariah-standards
    Shariah Standards and Operational Requirements
    ISBN: 978-967-12220-2-7
  • wealth-management
    Islamic Financial Planning and Wealth Management