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21ST Century approach to Inheritance, Wealth Management and Wills

This series of webinars provide an introduction to the fundamental knowledge that all Muslims should acquire to manage his/her estate.

The following areas will be covered:

  1. the underpinning legal philosophy of the law of succession
  2. the process of drafting Islamic Wills
  3. calculation of shares for immediate legal family heirs (parentela)
  4. the juristic principles of Islamic law of succession
  5. protection of one's estate in terms of wealth management
  6. estate tax planning

Will receive the following upon completion of webinar:

  • Certificate of attendance
  • Recognition 4 AAOIFI CPD hours (ONLY FOR AAOIFI MEMBERS)
  • 4 CPD Points from Minarah Academy
  • Gain a good foundation in Islamic law of inheritance under English Law

One single payment to attend all sessions

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Dates & Time

  1. Saturday 6th February 2021
  2. Saturday 13th February 2021
  3. Saturday 20th February 2021
  4. Saturday 27th February 2021
  5. Saturday 6th March 2021
  6. Saturday 13th March 2021

10.00am to 12.00pm (GMT+1)


Session of 2 hours


Shaykh Dr. Faizal Ahmad Manjoo
Shaykh Dr. Faizal Ahmad Manjoo
Shaykh Ibrahim Peerbhai
Shaykh Ibrahim Peerbhai
Mufti Faizal Dada
Mufti Faizal Dada

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