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Mission Statement

Minarah Academy is a British registered company established with the prime purpose of developing professional courses. The courses offered will serve 2 purposes:

  1. Act as a conduit between practice and theory and
  2. Filling a market vacuum of contextualising the application of various branches of Islamic disciples within the conventional framework.
Creation of the Academy

The need for such endeavours was felt when Minarah Consulting was launched in 2012 to serve the Islamic finance industry at a global level. While providing executive training to various industries, the need for a separate entity was identified. Hence, the founder of Minarah Consulting, Sheikh Dr Faizal Ahmad Manjoo, who obtained awards for his efforts in the industry and academia, laid down the stepping stone of Minarah Academy in 2020.


The purpose of the Academy is well-defined:

  • To develop in-house professional executive training courses
  • To offer non-accredited courses on-line
  • To offer accredited professional courses both on-line and face to face
  • To partner with other organisations to expand its academic services


21ST Century approach to Inheritance, Wealth Management and Wills

Certificat Professional sur le Takaful (avec accreditation pour Développement Professionnel Continu d’Angleterre)

Février 2023: 4, 12
et 18Mars 2023: 4, 12 et 18


Un seul paiement pour assister à toutes les sessions

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Core Academic Areas:
Our Academic Disciplines target the following audience:

Banks, Insurance companies, pension funds, Fund managers, Corporations and Law firms

Muslim Schools, Academies, Darul-Ulooms, Parents engaged in Home Schooling, Muslim Schools

Project Management
Corporations, Para-statal bodies, Government departments, Trust

Commercial & Family Law
Law firms, Corporations, Government bodies, Accounting firms, Mediators and Arbitrators

Banks, Insurance companies, pension funds, Fund managers, Corporations and Law firms

Wealth Management
Law firms, Estate planners, Financial advisors, Trustees and Fund managers