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We offer a wide spectrum of services related to Islamic Banking, ethical finance advisory, Takaful and Islamic Capital Market

  • Sharia Audit

    Sharia audit

    Shariah audit is becoming an important pillar in Islamic finance with Malaysia spearheading the process with its recent Shariah Governance Framework. The IFSB Standard has set up Shariah and Governance Standards for Islamic Finance Intuitions.

    The Audit and Accounting Organisation for Islamic Finance (AAOIFI) based in Bahrain has also established governance standard and accounting. These developments shows the importance of this emerging discipline as Shariah audit creates confidence in the organisation and in the public as well as.

    The Shariah Review Certificate is becoming an important document when coupled with the accountants audit certificate in some jurisdictions such as Bahrain. It often forms an integral part of the annual finance report of Islamic Finance Institutions.

  • Sharia Advisory

    Sharia Advisory

    Shariah advisory is important aspect of proactive management both at an ex-ante and ex-post phases developing your Islamic financial institutions or products. It is an ongoing exercise that is in line with major institutional management strategies.

    As the statement goes "prevention is better than cure", to ensure there is shari'ah compliance, we direct during the initial phase, then we supervise you and we review to ensure consistency in your shari'ah policies.

    Our Shariah advisory services embrace the following areas

    Vetting the relevant legal documents such as Memorandum and article of association to ensure there is no ultra vires issues pertaining to shariah

    • To provide updates on IFSB and AAIOIFI Standards
    • Assisting in product development
    • Shari'ah risk analysis
    • Drafting of Shari'ah Policies
    • Issuing Fatawas
    • Establishing Shariah Governance Framework
    • Developing Shari'ah Marketing
    • Programming Shari'ah Corporate Social Responsibilities


    Tax and investment are two major concern of most Islamic Financial Institutions.With our plethora of expertise in few jurisdictions we can blend the necessary expertsei to provide with appropriate solutions tailored for your organisations.

    There are many tax incentives which can be used to optimise the corporate profits vai offshore investments.

    Consortium for property investment and Islamic Real Estate Investment Trust are among the main approaches used for optimising the portfolios mix. (N.B. this service is outsource to our experts due to regulatory reasons of finance in the UK).

    Our outsourced services for tax and real estate investment cover the following areas

    • Incorporation of offshore companies and trust
    • Real Estate investment structuring
    • Acquisition and Management of Real estate in UK
    • Tax planning including exist strategies
  • Business Consulting

    Business Consulting

    Our business consulting department can help you in the following areas

    • Developing business Strategy and Planning
    • Management support
    • Risk management
    • Setting up Islamic Financial Enterprises


    Due to the fast evolution of the Islamic finance industry the need for regular training in specialised areas is becoming g ten life blood for sustainability.

    We have developed a wide spectrum of generic training programmes and also we are fully equipped to develop tailor made programmes for your company in various aspects. The training can be delivered in house in most countries.

    We can offer the training in English, Arabic, Urdu and French. Some of our training courses can contribute towards CPD points of your personnel.

    Some of the courses we have developed so far

    • Islamic Banking
    • Takaful & Retakaful
    • Islamic Capital Market
    • Money Market
    • Project Management
    • Islamic Microfinance
    • Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
    • Islamic Soft-skills for Corporations
    • Regulatory Framework for Islamic Finance
    • Wealth Management
    • Islamic Law of Inheritance
    • Offshore Financing
    • Risk Management for IFIs
    • Muslim Family Law
    • Islamic Law of Contract
    • Islamic Pension
    • Shari'ah Marketing
    • Product Structuring

    The legal and regulaory issues are daily problems that need to be attended to because of the reputaional and financial rfisk generated by thse to your firm. Both law and regualtionsconstantly changing and therefore need to be well catered for in the corporate world.

    Our legal and regulatory services encapsulate the following areas

    • Drafting of Islamic commercial contracts
    • Incorporation and registration of companies, Islamic investment funds
    • Product development for Isloamic Banks, Takaful and Retakaful Companies and Islamic Assetmanagement companies
    • Arbitration and Mediation facilities for Islamic finance disputes

    Advising on

    • Basel 2 & 3 principles relating to Islamic Banks
    • Solvency 2 and IAIS principles relating Takaful and Retakaful Companies
    • IOSCO relating to Islamic Capital market
    • IFSB standards and AAOIFI Standards
    • Regulation of certain jurisdictions such as UK, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain
  • Training in food security